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Glendale, California 0 comments

They deducted money from my checking account and I am fed up with these scam artist getting your information and they just putting through an ach and scaming you money

things are bad with the ecomony and these people are ripping off people alll of the time and you cant get a hold of them to get your mohney back. I am reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney Generals of the Federal Government and the State of California. They should be driven out of business as they have no morals or ethics they are big fat frauds


Fort Myers, Florida 0 comments
Not resolved

Consumer Loans is not giving me an opportunity to pay off a $400.00 loan that I wanted for only one month.They automatically deducted another months interest on the first of June.

Now I don't have an account number, Email Addres, physical address or phone number to contact them. This is really the worst of the payday loan people. They make the loan easily enough then make it nearly impossible to pay it off. This is fraud perpetuated against those who can least afford it.

My problem is temporary and I do have the means to take this as far as I can.Darryl Steiner, Fort Myers Florida

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